Elders Home Page

Elder Council Mission Statement: “To awaken and nurture intentional eldering by teaching and mentoring.”

Welcome to the MKP-USA Elder Council Web Site. This web site has been established to allow all Elders in the project to be connected to elder resources and information in and related to the project. Links to sites and information outside of these web pages are also included. It is the hope of the MKP Elder Council that this web site will make it easier for elders to access information that will help them continue their elder journey.To view specific areas click on the appropriate heading on the right side of this page.

You are also invited to sign up for the Elder lists serves which are:
Elder Info – a monitored informational list serve (open to all elders)
Elder Talk – open to all elder conversations

To sign up for one or both of these contact: John Lindermuth ( RitualElder@gmail.com )

Blessings on your journey through these pages.

Norman Pearl, Elder Communications Coordinator
(on behalf of the MKP Elder Council)