The term elder carries a sense of mixed blessing. On one hand it signifies the passing of years…getting older. On the other hand it signifies maturity, a greater sense of compassion, spirituality, and the presence of accumulated wisdom. In this latter context, being recognized as an elder within MKP is an honor not to be taken lightly.

The genesis of it all is when a man is interested and drawn to the wonderful energy of eldership..when sharing his wisdom, giving back, and blessing others resonates within. This first, and most important step, is where his journey begins. As he learns how this energy fits into his life, as he discovers what it is and how he may grow into what it might mean to him to be an elder in MKP…community, family, friends, and life. And, it is a calling and he is answering that call.

And, it is a special blessing within MKP to any man who takes the next step and formally declares himself to be an elder and possibly even eventually moving on to train for, and achieve Ritual Elder status.

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2014 USA Gathering Of Elders

See Frank Verkley’s Pictures of the USAGE:


My friend, this body offers to carry us for nothing—
This body offers to carry us for nothing—as
The ocean carries logs. So on some days the body wails
With its great energy; it smashes up the boulders, lifting
Small crabs that flow around the sides.

Someone knocks on the door.
Someone knocks on the door. We do not have time to
dress. He wants us to go with him through the blowing
rainy streets, to the dark house.
We will go there, the body says. And there find the
father whom we have never met, who wandered out in a
snowstorm the night we were born, and who then lost his
memory, and has lived since longing for his child. Whom
he saw only once….while he worked as a shoemaker, as
a cattle herder in Australia, as a restaurant cook who
painted at night.

When you light the lamp you will see him. He sits
there, behind the door….the eyebrows so heavy, the for-
head so light, lonely in his whole body, waiting for you.

Robert Bly

When a New Warrior approaches his fiftieth birthday, he may choose to begin the process of claiming his eldership. It is recognized that some men at this arbitrary point may not wish to begin this process of embracing elderhood, and some men may wish to begin it at an earlier age. Whenever he chooses to begin his elder journey, we say “Welcome”!

The Role of the Elder

The Role of the Elder in MKP is to speak the truth, to stand for higher values and strong standards of behavior, and to draw the line against counterproductive behavior. The role of the elder is giveaway – giving, serving, honoring, blessing and being the bearer of gifts for others and freely giving them in […]

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