Announcing the 35th Anniversary Gathering

& Celebration plus USAGE


Fellow Elders:

As many of you know, ManKind Project is celebrating our 35th Anniversary on April 3rd & 4th in Oracle, AZ.

We decided to hold USAGE, the biennial USA Elder Gathering from Sunday April 5th through Tuesday April 7th, in conjunction with the MKP 35th Celebration.

We are finalizing a very full program, which includes an Elder-Only Breakfast with Rich Tosi and Bill Kauth, a Gender Equity Program, bountiful programs for men and women, Ritual Elder sessions, an MKP USA Elder business meeting, and much more.

We invite you to join us as we continue to expand Elder participation in MKP and Communities throughout the world.  Registration and site information is listed in the flyer below. Please share this information with Elders in your Community.  Our goal is to have a huge Elder presence at the events.

I look forward to having you with us.

 Click Here for Registration and more information

Best Regards, Eliot

Eliot Bolan
Flying Eagle
Chair MKP USA Council of Elders



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