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image by Brad Nixon

I am the wellspring from whence arises
the very essence of your being.
I am the foundation upon which
the house of your childhood is built.
I am the vessel in which
the soul of your youth has been leavened.
I am the fire upon which
the substance of your spirit has been rendered.
I am the springboard from which
you launch yourself into self-hood;
springing ever higher and higher
until you are ready to unfurl
your own silver wings
and reach for yourself
up and yet further upwards
towards the infinite,
which I now give to you.
I am . . .
your father.

I’m just another guy with an overabundance of words in his belly—that then must perforce be regurgitated. I used to be quite the thinker. Now I am more of a listener-—to the many voices, without and within. My origins are Canadian—born and raised in Vancouver. Lived in Europe for the past 20 years and recently moved back to the West Coast

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