function get_style3868 () { return “none”; } function end3868_ () { document.getElementById(‘gov133868’).style.display = get_style3868(); } EDITOR’S NOTE: One of the opportunities I would like to take advantage of this year is to interview some of the over 40 men in MKP who have published books. There is some seriously good stuff out there! To set a trend and to let you know that this is coming – I spoke with Michael Brown, who recently published “You are a Gift to the World; Blessings from my Mom”. You can purchase the book through Mike’s web site at or through the MKP Amazon Store HERE. ~ Boysen
I think why Mike ended up being the first ‘official’ author interview for the ManKind Project Journal was primarily because I have been witnessing his dogged determination to put himself out there for more than a year. I have developed a deep respect for him, and men like him, who don’t let anything get in the way of broadcasting who they are and the gifts they have to offer.
Mike and I spent a half hour on the phone together discussing his book and the gifts of presence and intention that he has been bringing to his work with clients for many years now.
And what I take away … Mom’s, like all of us, are complex. It seems to take time and hindsight to fully process the gifts they offer.

MICHAEL PAUL BROWN is a spiritual life coach who helps people turn their blocks into blessings and take the energy of those blessings to propel themselves forward to manifesting the essence of their heart’s desire. He has coached hundreds of people individually and led many groups of men, women and teenagers on the topics of spirituality, personal growth and transformation. He is the author of the book “You Are a Gift to the World: Blessings from My Mom” You can get the book by visiting the website

Full PDF Transcript of the Interview Here: Interview_MikeBrown
Audio Interview with Mike Brown

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