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The world around me spins and twirls
We’ve all gone mad and jump like squirrels
By end of day my mind’s in tatters
Full of junk and naught that matters
My leg is jumping on its own
My muscles twitch and move the bone
I search for peace I cannot find
A sound of static fills my mind
I rush through dinner in half an hour
I brush my teeth while in the shower
Throw some clothes on out the door
Dirty clothes are on the floor
Driving through a sea of cars
The headlights shine like nearby stars
At last I’m where our I Group meets
I see a snack of veggie treats
Within the yard a ring of fire
We smudge with sage we all desire
The fire’s heat warms us clear through
And helps us get to work we do
We speak into our group of men
Of histories from way back then
Of things that shaped us, formed our lives
And words that wounded sharp as knives
We listen, learning, move ahead
The sharing lessens things we dread
We help each other seek new ground
We learn that joy can come around
We laugh and cry and realize
The company of men is our best prize
We stamp and roar and feel the love
Of brother warriors like a warm glove
We coach each other on our way
To welcome coming the new day
We grow through this to better men
So those we love, love us again
Self-work is hard there’s often pain
But with it a new life we gain
From wounded boys we get the chance
To join with men in Warrior dance!
Copyright Robert Jacober, 2011

AUTHOR BIO: Robert lives in Miami, Florida. After a long career as an entrepreneur and a business developer, at age 80 Bob now works on living to be 100 and writing to share his wisdom.

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