function get_style5862 () { return “none”; } function end5862_ () { document.getElementById(‘gov135862’).style.display = get_style5862(); } by Richard Wiener
What fathers bear when sons leave
Beggars description. Empty rooms
Still echo with the voices of the past.
The vacant chair at table, silences
That take the place of sharings
With sons we loved so well, still love,
But now in pain at their departing.
Suddenly we’re old, or older at the least.
Suddenly it’s only we, without illusions
Of being young with them, playing that game.
Sons’ leaving seems like a betrayal,
Their chips now on another number, not ours.
And that embrace which we receive at parting,
A consolation prize, a bittersweet conclusion
To all we shared for,oh,so many years,
Now past.

Richard Wiener, born 1927 in Germany . . . lived under Nazi regime 1933-39 . . . published poetry collection “Sense of Time” last January . . . completing autobiography . . . present “Power of Forgiveness” workshop . . . public speaking on reconciliation . . . MKP ritual elder . . . Hering awardee . . . founded MKP Diversity Fund

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