function get_style5926 () { return “none”; } function end5926_ () { document.getElementById(‘gov135926’).style.display = get_style5926(); } by Walter Stewart
Mom needed help raising ten children
You took us on jobs where
Men brought water up from the earth
They laughed and cussed at
Each other in the Texas heat
Lumbering tools bent deep
Sweaty axial grease men
Who shaped pipe, rope,
Wrenches and steel
Into surgeon’s wands
Coaxing the nectar upward
Men who long knew
The value of Aqua Dulce
Before it was bottled up
Back when water and childrem flowed free
Men who knew how to find the liquid gold
They knew they had to protect it
You gave me all you had
A livelihood of knowledge
Now I drink your memory, Dad
Like a Sailor on liberty drinks his draft

Born in 1950, Walt worked with his father in the water well business. Walter Stewart served in the U.S. Navy from 1969 to 1973. Following a vision, Walt started creating art in the early nineties. He is a graduate of the Michael Hall Bronze Studio Foundry in Driftwood, Texas. Walt has three children Eric, Kelly and Doug, and ten grandchildren.

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