function get_style6249 () { return “none”; } function end6249_ () { document.getElementById(‘gov136249’).style.display = get_style6249(); } Men, who constitute half of humanity, are in deep trouble. Young adult males are becoming increasingly disconnected with our world. They are falling behind women academically, and starting to distance themselves socially from the opposite sex.
In this wonderful TED talk by Philip Zimbardo, the stark statistics are laid out for all to see. Philip then gives his audience the challenge of finding solutions to this grave societal dilemma before it becomes a species survival disaster.
Here at the ManKind Project we know all about male disconnectedness. Our work, for the last quarter century, has been about giving guys the opportunity to find a safe space to explore what it truly means to be a man, one who stands on his own feet, unfettered by the stories he has been telling himself all his life. Stories about his parents, his former or current partner, his own responsibilities toward life. By teaching men to find and then explore their emotional literacy, the ManKind Project asks them to look into themselves and find how, by facing the wounds of their emotional past, they can free themselves from patterns of behavior which cause them to dwell in frustrating and unworkable circumstances in their day to day lives.


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