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Elders come weave your gifts!
The Elder Council and the elders of the Central Plains Community of the
Mankind Project USA offer an opportunity for elder men and women from
across the world (anyone of age 50 or older) in their USA Gathering of
Elders (USAGE) conference to be held October 27 – 30, 2011, at the Wesley
Woods Camp and Retreat Center, just 20 minutes south of the Des Moines
Airport near Indianola, IA.
The theme of the gathering is: By weaving together the threads of our life experiences,
we elders create a tapestry of inner mastery which we actively gift to the world.
For information (including registration) about The USA Gathering of Elders go to:
Also, information about the gathering is available on the Elder Council
Webpage: MKP Elders
Contact person: Conference Chair, Allan Podbelsek (502 338 2067)
Wesley Woods: Conference participants will enjoy walks on 344 acres on a high ridge
overlooking spectacular rolling hills and scenic valleys. At Wesley Woods the goal
is to help guests and campers slow down, play, connect, and grow strong. For more
information about Wesley go to Wesley Woods Iowa or the Registration web page: USAGE
Conference Overview: Men and women will gather for an opening ceremony, dinner
and a keynote speaker on Thursday, October 27. Women will participate in their own
retreat on Friday and Saturday at the Apple Tree Inn in Indianola while men meet at the
campground. Men and women will join for dinner and fun activities on Saturday evening. The event will close on Sunday morning with a closing ceremony and brunch.
Conference Registration: The cost for men (lodging, food and program) is $275;
the cost for women is $150. Women will need to pay separately for their rooms at the Apple Tree Inn in Indianola, Iowa. Men who choose to stay at the Apple Tree Inn will pay $215. This special rate applies through September 26.
Conference Program: There is a lot to like about the program of the USAGE.
For starters Dr. Robert Moore (co-author of King, Warrior, Magician, Lover) will deliver the keynote speech on Thursday evening, “MKP Eldership and 2012:
The Challenge of a New Consciousness in Leaders During and After the Apocalypse.”
Rosemary Cox and Shauna, Luthringer, both trained Sage-ing Leaders in the Sage-ing
Guild, will lead the Women’s Retreat at the Apple Tree Inn. The theme of the two-day
retreat is: “Gifting the quilt of our life experiences and Wisdom.” Women are invited to
weave their gifts, their stories, and their passions into a “quilt of life” that can be gifted
to those they meet along the way and to Mother Earth.
Elder men will move and lift their voices in song, and learn how to lead songs and chants through the magic of Doug Von Koss.
There will be small groups that connect at different times during the gathering.
A variety of workshops will allow elders to explore their elder journey through
the “Elder Reflection Series,” discover the gold in their elder shadows, embrace mastering change in turbulent times, address the study and practice of spiritual wisdom
in the life of an elder, hear great poetry, examine elder blessings in today’s world, explore the concept of androgyny as a spiritual phenomena, share their unique gifts and consider how to build a gift community. Go to the Program tab in the web page:
USAGE to see more details about each of these topics.
The 8th Annual Talent Show will take place on Saturday night where elders share their
talents of music, poetry, and story-telling. Elders, be there for the fun!
The Ritual Elders will conduct their annual business meeting led by John de Strakosch.
The annual meeting of the MKP USA Elder Council will be conducted by the MKP USA
Elder Council Chair, Terry Jones.
Together elders will truly create a tapestry of inner mastery which will glow brightly October 27 – 30 at Wesley Woods Campground and shine forth across the world as elders return to their home communities.

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