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Stuart Walkley presents this article in the Training Journal on”The Tedium of Coaching,” in which he laments

“an industry with a low entry point on qualifications and experiences, no single system of accreditation and with a range from the totally exceptional to the totally inept all under the one word ‘coach,’”

and further mentions that

“often the coaching process drives us through a number of sessions, which appear to have some linear progression leading towards a pre-ordained conclusion. I blame Excel and PowerPoint for this.”

He ends with

“How I long for some stream of consciousness, for some wild, extravagant journey through the unknown – whether it be Joyce’s Ulysses or the madcap adventures of Tristam Shandy – I want someone who makes me feel full of life, joyful, strong, capable and fun. I want to enjoy the unknown journey far more than I want to arrive safely at a pre-determined destination.”

Stuart Walkley is the director of Oakridge Training and Consulting in the United kingdom.
I’m not sure what sort of coaches he works with, but that process does sound dull. I certainly agree that the the industry has a low entry point, there are many hacks and incompetents, and I encourage you to do your due diligence prior to hiring a coach. However, one thing I can tell you is that coaching is never linear, it is full of loops, steps back, dashes forward and occasionally crashes, and it is usually one hell of a ride, since we are often confronting challenges, behavior, thoughts and emotions that can be unknown, scary, sometimes dark, and it can put you in touch with an emotional and/or spiritual calling to be more than you are. To explain with metaphor, this is not like a software upgrade for your head, it is like a mythological hero’s journey, and it is a wonderful adventure for the bold and brave of heart. I love this journey, and I love guiding you through it. You are the hero in this story, I am more like Merlin, or Yoda (from Star Wars), or Giles (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer). So, unto the breach dear friends!

Dave Kaisar trained at the Coaches Training Institute and certified by the International Coaching Federation. He has worked with dozens of clients to achieve remarkable results, including revenue growth, clearer strategic direction, enhanced leadership, and promotions to positions of greater responsibility. Dave has 20 years of corporate and academic experience and has worked in Finance, Marketing and Project Management. He holds a Doctorate in Linguistics from the University of Chicago, a Masters in Russian from the University of Arizona, and a Bachelors in Finance from Georgetown University. His website is Dark Matter Consulting

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