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Where have all the children gone? And The Great Oaks and Mighty Sycamores too?
The Seven Nation Iroquois told our early settler, white ancestors that before the whites
Came to their land with their honed axes and four man chain saws
That a squirrel could jump from tree to tree from the coast of the great Atlantic Ocean
To the majestic Mississippi
Without touching down on the ground!
And the white-tailed deer gave their “sacred giveaway”,
Positioning themselves for their own death to provide meat
for the starving newcomers and the mountain men.
Pray tell me! We white heirs of John Wesley and the fine English Quakers,
And brilliant Jesuit priests, We seem to hold this “blood lust” to murder
and devour all the sacred beauty before our eyes.
Behold the great Buffalo herds, black upon the Great Plains
As far as the human eye could see — out to the horizon.
Herds of the beautiful and mighty, black four legged ones,
Their milky breath raising clouds on the starry plains in the
Moonlit night, gone in the wink of an eye!
Pray tell me! Where have all the Great Oaks gone?
And the Mighty Sycamores too!
Two Crows Calling

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