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Little babies and young children make the best mentors!
Seasons change. Sons mentor fathers, grandfathers learn amazing things from
Their grandsons! Uncles learn from their nephews and nieces
The whole world of living is turned upside down
Babies and young children — these are the heart changers. They wash the hearts
Of their parents and grandparents. Babies and children make the best mentors
They cleanse our hearts with the purity of their Love
The little ones teach purity of heart willing one thing only –lovingness!
A light is burning at both ends of a long tunnel “Intimations of Immortality”
We come to this world from afar Streaming clouds of glory.
We are made of stardust from far beyond.
The grandson has just come from the realms of light
His little heart is burning with a sacred fire! And his grandfather stands close to the light
Soon to depart at the other end of the long tunnel. Grandfathers and grandsons
Share a sacred secret with their eyes and with their Embrace of each other
They whisper the secret “The tunnel with light at both ends is really a sacred circle.”
Grandfather and grandson join hands with grandfathers and grandsons across the world.
They whisper in each other’s ear “We are a sacred circle of light”
Darkness is burned off by their fiery hearts of love
Old weather-worn hands join with tender little hands and
Through their interlocked fingers heart energy pours through.
Life is a Blessing Way! Paradise is here and now
The Now is everything! The old man and the baby
Shed light in the darkness. By turning our world upside down
We come round right at last. The little ones made of Stardust
Take our hands in theirs Leading us home
The meal they serve us is constant lovingness
Our cup of blessing overflows!
Babies and little children
Make the best mentors!
by Grandpa Two Crows Calling

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