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ManKind Project San Diego

A common saying during any ManKind Project event is “Let’s leave it better than we found it.” This applies not only to the sites across the world that we rent for our trainings, but also the relationships between MKP men and the communities and people we meet. Often there will be 60-70 men on hand for a ManKind Project training event, and their impact will be noticed by local store clerks and restaurant owners, who often comment on the camaraderie shared by our motley crews.

When authentic men get together, they bring laughter and warmth with them, and they leave people feeling better for the connection.

Broken Rock Ranch, where the San Diego ManKind Project community holds New Warrior Training Adventures, had a flag pole raised in 1962. It was falling down and the base was deteriorating. A San Diego MKP man, who is also a U.S. military veteran, donated and had installed a new flag pole. The men of the ManKind Project San Diego dedicated the new flagpole to kick off their December Training weekend.

The flag pole and the flags looked good flying in the wind!

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