function get_style8800 () { return “none”; } function end8800_ () { document.getElementById(‘gov138800’).style.display = get_style8800(); } CLOAKED IN THE MANTLE OF INITIATION

The Friday night opening of the weekend lies
several days away, stiff before me.
And yet by Wednesday night the well-known storm
of ancient energies takes up its abode in my body-soul.
Thursday at work, my soul whispers
“no one is worthy to carry this vessel of energy
into the hearts of men.”
Finally the blessing of Thursday night staff meeting
Circle Up. Soul cleansing. Hearts on fire.
Energy races through our joined hands.
Eyes ablaze with unspeakable yearning
Yet humbled, not in charge at all
Mere “stand ins” — servants for what the Creator
requires in this moment of history
Friday we are standing on tiptoe all day
The feeling is one of getting ready for a funeral
and a wedding at the same time
Finally, the first man steps foot on site.
Thirty men become Oneness. Covered now with
one Sacred Mantle.
Ancient Presence rooted
in Earth and Heart
Initiators of Men. A Vessel of Oneness
The last stand for Creation.
Men are waiting to cross the timeless Threshold
The Cry of the Sacred breaks though in our
moment of time.
I tell you truly brother, behold
the wonderment of it now
The Cry of the Sacred breaks through!
— Two Crows Calling

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