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This year I’m in the writers mentoring program at CBS, a networking program for people of color trying to break into the TV writing business. Prior to being in the program, my manager suggested I apply – and at the time I had resistance to the idea. My resistance came primarily from the fact that I wanted a job and the program at CBS is not a job. But eventually, realizing that I might as well apply, I did the necessary work and sent in my stuff. Now I’m happily ensconced in weekly meetings, connecting with industry wisdom and learning so much!
And what else? The surprising thing to me has been that my agent and my manager have been getting me out – setting up meetings for me for potential jobs. And I realize that (of course) the biggest change in my writing life – with respect to TV – is being in this program. Simply put: Action Creates Action.
Think about it: as artists we create new work. It’s best if we’re always creating new work. When we create something new, there’s something new to talk about, something new to see, something new to get the attention of others. Let me be clear, getting attention is not the goal, necessarily. But being in motion as an artist – and getting that attention – is a great way to get energy flowing your way.
In my Core Creative Strategies this Action Principle is a corollary to #5 (Do your work!) and #11 (Share your work and share your process). In this instance, doing and sharing my work alongside my classmates and observed by CBS executives, has resulted in something new: a new energy, a new dialogue. Further, it creates an opportunity for Strategy #10 (Talk yourself up). Now, on a regular basis (in class at CBS) I’m talking about my work and my life – and, it turns out, other people have begun talking about me too. None of this would be happening if I hadn’t taken that initial opportunity to apply, which required me to push through those negative feelings. I’m feeling grateful and blessed to be in this process of learning. Will I eventually get a job? I hope so. But for now, there is ample return on the investment of my time: more than I originally imagined.
Where in your life and your art can you make use of the Action Principle? Figure that out and make the commitment. Then watch what happens. (And keep me posted on how it goes!)

Steve Harper – Creativity & Performance Contributor
Steve Harper

Steve Harper attended Yale as an undergrad, the A.R.T. at Harvard for acting school and studied playwriting at Juilliard. He has been doing personal creativity coaching since 2008 and has studied extensively with Eric Maisel and The Creativity Coaching Association. Harper is a professional actor and writer with a passion and commitment for coaching artists who want to pursue their creative work while keeping a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives. Steve completed the New Warrior Training Adventure in 2005. Visit his blog:

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