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About Men Documentary

by Owen Marcus
How did you discover men’s work? Through a friend? A book? A therapist? There are a lot of ways to learn about it, but I doubt you heard about it through mainstream media.
That’s finally changing. Suddenly, men’s work is cool – so there it’s getting some media coverage, and even a documentary film about itThe men of Sandpoint Men’s Group volunteered to be filmed by a woman who’s asking the question, what is a man?
After two years in NYC, Danish graduate student Maja Bugge could not find an established men’s group to allow her to film what happens in a group. Last summer, Maja contacted me about introducing her to groups in New York. I gave her the leads I had. She made some good connections, but could not find the group she needed.
She asked if our group would be interested. I asked them. They unanimously agreed to be filmed. The men of the group are willing to risk revealing parts of ourselves so others get to see the beauty of what occurs in a men’s group: men learning what they never had a chance to learn. Men enjoying being in a weekly group.


On a related note, recently I started speaking about the phenomenon of men’s groups as micro-communities. The idea that these groups represent the essence of our ancient tribes is getting traction. My proposal to speak at WDS (World Domination Summit) this July in Portland was not only accepted, it booked up immediately.
Even though we can connect virtually to anyone instantaneously, we still need what we experience in our groups. Both men and women need to feel the support and camaraderie of a modern tribe.
Maja’s film holds the possibility to turn more men on to the power of micro-communities. Here’s the pitch: Maja needs money for travel and production support to create her documentary on Being a Man and the power of a men’s group. Any donation would be greatly appreciated. Let’s get more men enrolled in our work and groups.
Please share the link with your friends and networks. Thank you for your help.
Click on this link to donate:

Owen Marcus, MA a Rolfer, holistic medical clinic owner, men’s group leader and for 30 years has catalyzed deep change for other men. His blog – addresses a wide range of concerns for men. Owen was a featured speaker at the Ultimate Men’s Summit in June 2011. He completed the New Warrior Training Adventure in 1997.

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