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Michael Taylor, of a New Conversation with Men interviews Chris Kyle, one of the hosts of the Power of Purpose Summit for men. Michael Taylor will be one of the featured speakers on the Power of Purpose Summit, starting February 27 to March 2, 2013. It’s a FREE summit with 14 featured speakers. You can listen live to the summit or download the audio and listen later.
The four-day Power of Purpose Summit will run from February 27 to March 2.
Finding MY sense of purpose has been one of the biggest gifts of my MKP work.
When I’m living in clarity of purpose, I come alive. I feel inspired, passionate, ready to tackle the BIG stuff in my life. I think a lot of men are like me – and there’s good evidence to back that up.
This four-day online interactive summit will help men discover the keys to ignite a new source of power, creativity, and clarity by living their purpose in the world.
Go to to check it out and register for F*R*E*E.
14 top purpose experts including Dan Millman, Jack Canfield, Neale Donald Walsch, Chris Attwood and Richard Leider, along with some powerful New Warrior Brothers including Bill Kauth, Rich Tosi, Gregg Levoy, Mike Robbins, and Michael Taylor will be sharing their insights, tools, and techniques that guide men towards finding their purpose. The summit will be co-hosted by our own Chris Kyle (Co-Leader, Norcal Community) and George Daranyi (Full Leader, Past MKP Chairman, Arizona Community).
Please share this powerful opportunity with men in your life as a doorway into the work that MKP has been doing for almost 30 years. Great for men with years of work under their belts, and for men who are just starting to wake up!
And for you men reading this now… join us!
Sign-up for the — and invite all your friends!
The more we support one another in fully claiming our purpose, the more our gifts will positively impact the world.
Get inspired, get tools, and help MKP USA fulfill our purpose in the world, building the emotionally mature, accountable and compassionate role models that our communities so desperately need.
After the Power of Purpose Summit we will be offering a 7-week live online interactive course called “Man On Purpose.” More info about this course will be shared during the Summit.

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