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I am alone
No one cares about me, but me
I must do it on my own,
I am a man
You don’t get me,
and never will
There’s a pain inside that you will never know,
I am a man
I am by myself,
alone without support
If I don’t do it, no one will,
I am a man
I don’t need help,
I don’t want help
Can’t ask for help,
I am a man
Hiding from the world,
living in shadow
Don’t see me,
I am a man
If I wanted help,
you wouldn’t give it
Don’t know how to ask,
I am a man
I am deeper than you will ever know,
My feelings run wild,
powerful, passionate
I am a man
As I tell you I don’t want or need it,
I am longing for you to reach out,
Touch my heart,
I am a man
It is time to break my isolation
I don’t want to be alone,
I want connection
I am a man

 Copyright 2013
Trusting Eagle

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