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Elders, we are losing our Soul.
We are so caught up individually in petty offenses
and bickering and wounded-ness,
that we are letting our civilization and our planet die.
But most importantly,
we are letting our souls die.
When I chose to be wounded,
and walk through life withdrawn in my cave,
or I choose to be over-armored,
to the point of being weighed down,
with such heavy baggage,
nothing else matters,
… soul is lost.
I chose to take a step toward claiming,
my lost soul,
when I chose to meet with men in an honest, open circle.
I choose my soul,
when I decide to be so humble,
that no one can offend me.
I choose my soul,
when I chose wisdom,
over being right.
I choose my soul,
when I chose service,
over selfishness.
I choose my soul,
when I chose looking within,
to find all the evil I see outside myself.
I choose my soul,
when I walk the path of life,
where I am nothing,
and I am everything,
in sacred balance.
My choices mean everything,
my offenses mean nothing.
My offenses mean I still have inner work to do
and for the sake of generations to come,
I better get it done as quickly as possible.
My choices mean I have the power to save myself,
my loved ones, my friends, and possibly many more people,
from a mean, selfishness and a lonely death.
I feel great sadness and sorrow,
for all that is being lost.
While the distractions of hurt,
wounded-ness and bickering,
suck so much energy out of my soul,
…..and the soul of my people.
Every hurt and wound and chance to be right,
is a mirror of my soul,
and an opportunity to heal.
Do it! Choose healing.
Then choose wisdom and kindness,
and be the Elder you were meant to be.
Distractions are my enemy,
anything that tries to pull me off,
my narrow mission.
I just need to let Spirit control my life,
where my spirit joins and serves,
a much bigger wisdom,
than I could ever fully understand.
I am asked this day to request of myself,
and men who call themselves Elders.
A humble request,
that we focus on the wisdom to light a path,
for those who come after us.
Humble man, Jan 2014

Reuel Czach

Reuel Czach is a 60 year old, Christian man with a wonderful wife and two sons, a daughter and a stepson. He has lived in San Luis Obispo County, California for over 30 years and practiced architecture for most of those years. Czach is an I-Group Coordinator for the Swallow Creek Coastal Circle in Cayucos. He actively supports and builds the Elder community in San Luis Obispo and is the Co-Elder Chair of the MKP Santa Barbara Community. Czach leads a weekly men’s circle in my church and is a leader in the men’s ministry.

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