Irwin Aloff

Truthful Tiger

Irwin Aloff, “Truthful Tiger”, was initiated at Haimowoods, Wisconsin in February 1987 and remains active in his I Group, Chicago #1. When inviting Irwin to the NWTA, MKP co-founder Ron Herring told him: “You could be a leader.” Irwin has definitely fulfilled that prediction – staffing over 50 weekends, leading over 75 PIT/I Group trainings, and serving as a Ritual Elder and elder mentor.

His mission is “sharing my wisdom, my wounds, and my wit to heal hearts and nurture healthy, loving relationships and inspiring men to lead meaningful lives” Numerous Chicago Warriors have learned his secrets for a successful hero’s journey: “Don’t ask ‘Why me?’; ask ‘What now?’ Don’t expect every men’s circle to be great. You might even have a boring night. Keep coming back. Take risks, be vulnerable, and tell your truth. It’s a great gift to share your life with other men and know you’re not alone. Many have also taken his “Forgiveness” workshop and “Pathways to Intimacy” couple’s workshop.

A retired professor, Irwin taught English as a Second Language at two Chicago colleges, in Israel, and in Greece. He earned an M.A. in Applied Linguistics (Northeastern), an M.A. in Education (Loyola), and B.A. in psychology (Northwestern). Irwin lives in Evanston, IL with his partner, Delores, and enjoys his 4 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. To family elders, he says, “Show up – for a wedding, funeral, or birthday – so people know they can count on you. Be playful and available so you can be close.”