Steve Aman

Teaching Bobcat

Steve has always been a favorite in the Upstate New York Community. It’s only fitting that he is among the first from our region we honor for his eldership.

Known and loved for kindness and compassion and dedication to a life of deep principle, he is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather; loyal friend and brother. He is a long-time inviter and leader of men in the most gentle manner – reaching out to others and accepting those who believe differently.

Steve is passionate about caring for our earth and bringing others to greater understanding and reverence for the natural world. In doing and being this in his good way, he also helps people more readily grasp their own sense of peace. Guided by strong spiritual commitment, this Sun Dancer shows his willingness to pray and sacrifice for those he loves – which is everyone.

Generosity of time and spirit in thousands of volunteer hours reveal his unsurpassed give-away. Steve has received both of Upstate New York’s Herring and Tosi Awards, a true testament to the profound value and gift his brothers know him to be.
Upstate New York is justly proud and grateful for Teaching Bobcat. May every community feel the blessings of such a man among them.