Ron Blankenship

Blessing Grandfather Wolf

Ron’s journey toward discovering his eldership began in the early 1990’s with the Raleigh Men’s Group with which he was an active group facilitator. Through friendly, loving, and persistent encouragement, he attended his New Warrior weekend in May 1998. His connection with the Elder Sensei on that weekend inspired him to learn what it meant to be an Elder.

Ron discovered that the elders in the Greater Carolinas Area (GCA), were only loosely connected. He began to work toward creating a more formally organized Elder Community by advocating the establishment of a GCA Elder Chair. He then promoted GCA Elder Gatherings – the first occurring in 2008. These yearly Elder Gatherings were so successful that they became twice yearly events. Concurrent with this work, Ron stepped onto the path and eventually became blessed as a Ritual Elder. He served faithfully in this role for many NWTA’s.

‘Blessing Grandfather Wolf’, Ron’s spirit name, aptly describes this man. To sit with him is to be in the presence of a deeply loving and caring person. Kindness, compassion, and empathy are elder qualities that this man models so very well. He gives generously of his time, energy, and wisdom not only to his MKP community, but also to his family including wife, his three children, grandchildren, and siblings. MKP and GCA are blessed to have this man as part of our community.