Bill Boal

Compassionate Horse

Deceased January 22, 2010

Bill Boal, who was initiated into the Mankind Project in 1997, served as New York’s first Head Elder and first unofficial Ritual Elder. He helped put together our first Northeast elder retreat.
Bill was a man of great courage, character, and service; always looking for ways to mentor, coach, and try to repair the world. He was about blessing others.

Bill was able to convince the managements of senior care facilities to allow him to give a seminar he had developed, teaching the tools of financial security. He saw this as an important skill and supported people to understand it was never too late to learn. He always sent a performance questionnaire because he wanted feedback to improve and grow.

Bill enriched us with his spirituality, love and caring, along with his vitality and generosity. Our New York Elder I-group was blessed by his presence.

Bill died in 2010 and some of us sat with him and did work together only a few days before he passed. A man has said, “to be mentored into Ritual Eldership by Bill was to be blessed with his abundance of wisdom and love.” Bill passed only a few days before our community started “A Year to Live” group that he had helped to organize.

Bill is remembered for his kindness, compassionate tender heart, energy, and exuberance for life. We will always miss him.