Jack Childs

Lamb of God

Now 91 and still giving to the New England Area and MKP, Jack Childs, Lamb of God, came to MKP at 73 in 2003. He had been a Catholic monk and teacher for over 39 years. After that, he was a PhD professor at Salve Regina University, where he created a 60 credit Master’s degree in holistic counseling still being taught today. He retired in 2008 at 78, five years after coming to MKP. Several former students are now New Warriors.

A scant year after his own NWTA he became New England’s Lead Elder, holding that position for four full years. He has staffed 34 times, and was a Ritual Elder for several years, going to Emeritus status only a few years back. Jack has long been New England’s spiritual leader and has guided and mentored many into becoming active Elders, while also mentoring men on their RE path. Along the way he has attended at least five World Elder Gatherings, and most of the USA Elder Gatherings in between. He is an MKP national figure as well as a guiding light for the New England community.

An avid animal lover, Jack has rescued and cared for feral cats for years, scores of which he domesticated and found homes for. This man with a huge and giving heart deserves this recognition.