TJ Ciaffone

Dancing Dolphin with Watchful Whale

TJ demonstrates his elderhood through the depth and breadth of his service to our community. Not only is TJ a Ritual Elder, but he has also exhibited his dedication to others through his term as the Heartland Area Steward when he frequently modeled what it means to lead with wisdom during challenging times.

TJ deserves this honor not only because of the way he serves, but also because of the man he is. When men are with TJ, they are intensely seen, and they experience him as present and available for connection. TJ is driven by his passion to serve, to create and hold sacred space, and to support other men on their paths. A man’s path to elderhood requires him to do the inner work of recognizing his shadows and owning his gold so he can then serve and support others as they follow their own path. This is the man TJ is.

TJ has earned this honor because he’s walked the path himself. While TJ knows who he is, he carries that understanding with grace and humility, more reason why he deserves to be honored as an Elder in our community.