Bill Dare

Snowy Owl

Bill introduces himself as a “writer & poet” with “passion around my marriage and Men’s work.” Bill is a Ritual Elder and PIT & PIT Intensive Emeritus Leader. Since his initiation in 2004, Bill has consistently brought a gentle strength and compassion to his MKP service in the Northwest.

Bill combines the head of an engineer and the heart of a counselor in his work. Whether Bill, who is affectionately known as “Snowy”, is preparing food as a “Man of Service” or holding sacred space on a NWTA as the Ritual Elder, he models vulnerability, offers blessing and has the ability to put everyone who interacts with him at ease. Bill is grounded and balanced in his expression of the energy of the archetypes when he draws freely from the depths of his lover, warrior, sovereign, and sage.

Bill has been tireless in his service to the Northwest Community whether he is facilitating a PIT, randomly calling Men to ask how they are doing or making and cultivating connections throughout the Northwest and surrounding areas.