Jim Finley

King Lion

Jim brings a loving presence to every room he enters. Men always leave an encounter with Jim feeling seen and held.
Jim is a man who can sit in non-judgment of the shadow in others because he recognizes the shadow in himself. Likewise, Jim’s heart reflects the gold in others because he knows and owns his own gold. Jim is a man of immense compassion, born of his own struggles and fueled by a love of people.

During his time in the Heartland, Jim served the community as a Ritual Elder. But Jim doesn’t need the title to be an Elder for this community—he lives it. Even before many of us knew what that title meant, we knew Jim was that kind of man.

“Kindness” is the trait associated with Jim, a kindness that has emerged through his lived experiences and a desire for the highest and best for everyone. Though Jim is no longer active in the Heartland, his impact is still felt. Jim truly deserves the honor of this nomination.