John Frost

Morningbird; Rubber Duckie

John Frost is fondly remembered by men of the Los Angeles Area as a Ritual Elder of uncommon presence, service, wisdom and mentorship. He passed away in January 2018 and is sorely missed.

John not only had a calm, centering presence, but he showed up as a leader in myriad ways. He staffed 50 NWTA weekends. Before a weekend he would reach out to certified leaders, the LKS team and the elder team, always with a nugget of elder wisdom and humor. He had an uncanny ability to know when anyone needed additional support and he gave it to them. One LKS Leadman remembers expressing concerns about the experience level of the LKS team, to which John replied: “It’s not about getting the kittens to run straight, it’s about getting the mouse to run straight.”

John showed up for the community. He participated in several I-Groups, attended council and leader body meetings and actively supported community projects. In 2014 he co-lead a Ritual Elder training workshop in San Diego County. A group of Santa Barbara elders showed up late, having battled through LA traffic for seven hours. As they entered a room full of about 30 other elders, John looked up and simply said: “Welcome home.”

That’s how it felt to be around John. He was welcoming, warm, humble, open and wise. He embodied eldership.
At his memorial service there were about 350 people from the MKP, Woman Within and recovery communities. That tells you a lot right there.