Bob Garrett

Mountain Bighorn

Bob Garrett provides a gentle loving presence through his smile and his loving eyes. Bob lives his mission statement. He expresses himself clearly, and is humble enough to often add, “I could be wrong.” Many times, around a fire or in a circle of men, Bob can be heard mentoring men, providing a new understanding from the deep well of his knowledge and experience.

Often, Bob teaches from his readings in a way that is confirmational of his experiences. Thus, he adds value to the references about which he is speaking because he too, had observed the same things. Even while in disagreement with others, Bob remains respectful and aware of how shadows play out in the words and actions of men. He is able to speak about the shadows and unpleasantness in a way that calms men when they hear his observations and judgements. Bob is a true leader and elder in his capacity to bring men with him from choice, not force.

Bob has always been part of the volunteer work the Area has organized, and his steady handed directions are welcome to those around him. Bob’s willingness to sing at events is always welcome and entertaining for those attending.