Robert (Bob) German

Blessing Wolf

Bob German (Blessing Wolf) is often described in the Austin community as an “elder’s elder.” He did his warrior weekend here in Texas about 25 years ago and has been involved continuously with the MKP community since, both as co-founder of the Clan of the Open Heart I-group and also as a founder/formulator of the White Bison Elders, a volunteer service group of MKP Brothers who serve as a body of blessing elders for MKP activities such as PITs and Homecomings.
In temperament, Bob is and has always been engaged with his world. A no-nonsense man ready to offer support — or disagreement — freely and as required. He is an intellectual, a poet and a man of letters, able to discuss literature, politics, and the human heart freely and deeply. He is a pious man who embraces the power of the symbols and archetypes that are vital to our work.

Though a serious man at first glance, Bob’s inner child continues to occupy his spirited life, and his smile is deep, knowing and given freely to the many of us who know and love him. He has attracted many men to this work by his example, as a man of substance, heart, and action.