Alan Gilburg


Alan attended the first NWTA in the Mid-Atlantic area, at the Claymont Court mansion, in July 1992. He went on to become a full leader, staffing in excess of 50 NWTA’s. During the mid 1990s he was asked by Rich Tosi to establish an Elders Society. As a result of that Alan and Don Jones and a few others can be regarded as the first Ritual Elders within MKP.

Alan left the DC area in 2000, moving to Western Massachusetts where life revolved around his family and business, finally retiring in 2007. During this time he moved to the rust belt city of Holyoke and became involved in the life of the city and getting on the boards of a number community organizations working toward a unified Holyoke.

Today Alan is as passionate as ever for change in this world, be it racial, gender or economic equality, he will let you know his thoughts, about this and other injustice in this world.
Thank-you Alan for being an inspiration for change.