Bob Gilby


As an Elder, Bob is dynamic. He demonstrates many qualities of eldership just by being. He is kind, wise, sincere, and capable. When Bob blesses someone, it reaches their spirit.
In MKP- Arizona he served as Elder Chair as well as Ritual Elder He mentored many a man in the ways and the path of Eldership in our MKP community and the world around us. Bob is all about honor, truth, and integrity. He holds men accountable and gifts them with an opportunity to see deep inside themselves.

He mentored Ritual Elders in Training and showed keen insight into the energies and activities during the weekend. Leaders could count on him for forthright and nuanced observations. Outside of MKP Bob was a high school math teacher and had a positive and amazing impact on the young people whom he taught. He served as an inspiration and guide for many of them and several have developed meaningful connections with him even into their adulthood. He also mentored new teachers, offering support and challenges to enhance the teaching experiences for them as new teachers.

Bob models a way of being an Elder that is joyful to see and has impacted those whom he taught and those he worked with. Now he is a garden-to-table organic farmer showing how an Elder can generate a life that is a continuing contribution to self, neighbor, and planet.