John Gwin

Grandfather Osprey

John Gwin, Grandfather Osprey, embodies the qualities of eldership as powerfully and beautifully as any man can. His mission is “I create a God pleasing world by: seeking justice, loving kindness and walking humbly with my God.” John lives that mission every day of his life.

Whether in the role of Ritual Elder, nature guide, community volunteer, husband, father, grandfather, church member or mentor, John is righteous, yet humble. He leads by example, from a place of genuine caring and compassion. People see and sense that, and they are naturally drawn to him. He holds sacred space quietly and strongly and listens in a way that lets you know he cares deeply about you.

John models integrity, He walks his talk. He helps others learn by his example of what it means to embody the Ritual Elder and elder energy. John has sat in circles in the Georgia, Houston, New Orleans, New Mexico and Colorado communities, and has been an open I-Group facilitator in Breaux Bridge, LA and in Pagosa Springs, Loveland and Ft. Collins, CO.

He served the Southwest as Ritual Elder for many years and consistently modeled for staff and participants alike what it means to carry mature, masculine energy and honor the divinity in every man.