Phil Hart

Joyful Kodiak Bear

Phil is always humble and kind. When he served on NWTA’s his gifts were his ability to Bless men. He would often take time to be with a man and look him straight in the eye and bless him; see him and thank him for whatever he was contributing.
He often brought wisdom and clarity during challenging situations. His big heart and ability to help remind men of why we were there was often very helpful.

His presence brought safety. He inspired men to ceaselessly pursue growth through his personal example.
Phil was one of our few “go to” elders back in the early days of MKP NorCal.  He embodied wisdom through being grounded. Nothing seemed to throw him off balance.  He somehow managed the seeming contradiction of being willing to go along with anything while speaking his truth and saying “no” when it was necessary. There was always a willingness, a selflessness, to do whatever was needed.

We love and trust him to this day.