Dave Kaar

Lion Dragon

Since being initiated in 1988, David has been a seeker of opportunities for men’s growth. He is open to challenges personally and encourages others in their process of change. His nvolvement and his unselfish service and commitment to MKP and MKPI are a model for other men.

David has learned how to be open to new ideas and to foster support. This was shown early in his journey after his Weekend at Haimowoods, when he worked with Snake Bloomstrand to build the Minnesota Community. David invited GBTQ men to staff when it was not a popular thing to do. he advocated for the Young Warriors to expand support for all age groups to learn the skills necessary for creating fuller lives and safer families, communities, and the planet.

During Covid, he resumed service on the MKP board after having many past leadership positions. In 2020, he organized a team of men to meet the challenge of changing times, by creating the Crossroads training. David shows a continuing dedication to service, to MKP, his local community through mentoring and support, and his family, where he is a “grandpa.”