Dave Lortscher

Buck, The Brave

Deceased November 3, 2018

We celebrate J. David Lortscher as a model of eldership. Known to us as ‘Dr. Dave’ and ‘Buck, The Brave’ he was one among that first noble few who began our community. A collective from the personal growth work of LifeStream was to discover the fledgling network of New Warriors and bring it to Rochester, New York.

Initiated at Haimowoods, Dave left his mark in many ways, near and far. He helped create the local and national Elders communities and was the recipient of now Upstate New York’s first Ron Hering award for most living his mission. He contributed many gifts of grace and guidance, like that memorable question on The Weekend: “Who do you serve?”
Earlier, his life in a career at Eastman Kodak Co. was shared with other passions, ranging from avid outdoorsman and hunter to prison ministry and family counseling. Colgate Divinity conferred upon him a Doctorate and his work in the Church included designing men’s retreats.

In his late years he took up writing in more earnest. How fitting that his award-winning first book of Christian fiction was titled: “David, The Elder Apostle”! The man lived his faith. Devoted husband, father, and friend, he modeled discipline, wisdom, and compassion. No better formula for ‘eldering’. He was magnetic. He loved and was loved.
And so, with humility and gratitude, we offer to posterity the name of our dear elder brother: ‘Dr. Dave’. Godspeed ‘Buck, The Brave’…