Paul Mulford

Elder Owl

Paul Mulford – Elder Owl – is chosen by his brothers in Upstate New York as one whose eldership we gladly honor. On discovering this unique brotherhood, he recognized clearly that his mission was to serve others in the ways elders serve. His passion is to see and to bless men.

Paul served as our Center Director for many years and Ritual Elder for many trainings. He supports men and mentors them in the watchful ways that make the weekend safe. He affirms that energy by always assuring an Elder is present during every process on The Weekend.

He brings a nature that is at once gentle but not soft. His faith traditions provide a sure and certain spirituality that serves the work. This is a man of many years living but with sword not fully retired – still at hand if needed for cutting cleanly. Living with his own life hurts and challenges, he offers a heart that accepts the imperfect – looking for the opportunity to bring some comfort and sense of peace.

Paul has long been inviting mature men into this circle of elders and then encouraging them to feel and grow the grace that may be found in our later years. Seeking and sharing that emotional rest that can come with self-acceptance and then acceptance of others.

Through intention and dedication, sacrifice and perseverance, the world has gained more quality elders thanks to Paul Mulford – Elder Owl!