Nelson Oostenink

Rainbow Trout

Nelson is one of the founding members of the Northwest Community and his vision, passion and leadership have been instrumental in creating the foundation of what this center is today.

During a time of major personnel and financial reorganization for the Northwest Center, Nelson devoted Herculean effort to make sure the Center could continue in a good way. Nelson has always taken the time to mentor and encourage men. Nelson once said that his intention when connecting with other men is to, “ look for the chance to give a man a win.”

It is a joy to watch the interplay of warrior and lover energy in Nelson. Whether as a Ritual Elder or MOS man on a weekend or simply as a friend on a fishing trip, Nelson moves easily from a focus on doing the work that needs to be done to attention to and presence for the men he is with.

Nelson has borne witness to the work of thousands of men in the Northwest while holding space, affirming individuals, and planting the seeds of transformation. There are many men in the Northwest who see their connection with Nelson to be pivotal in their decision to continue to go deeper into the work.