Allan Podbelsek

Loving Lama the Visionary

This Celebration would not be truly valid without the inclusion of Allan. From the outset of his initiation, he was involved in the formation of the MKP Elders.

He is a Ritual Elder Emeritus and has staffed 80 weekends. He was the Elder Chair from 2006-2008. He has touched the lives of every elder that is involved with the Elders on a local and national level. The very list of qualities that is our guideline, describes him. He is one of the Founding Fathers of Elderhood in MKP.

He is tireless and consistent in his work for exceptionalism in the Elder Community. He is a lynch pin within the MKP Elder community. On a local level Allan shows up for the Intros to Men’s Work and supports other men in their work. He is involved in an I group. His blessings are legendary. Allan is that steady hand that is always needed in an organization both on the local and national level.