Ron Robertson

Loving Fox with Sword

Ron Robertson, “Loving Fox with Sword,” was initiated at Camp Henry Horner, Ingleside, Illinois in January 1995. His mission is to “make the world safe and fun by being accountable, approachable, and by relentlessly seeking the humor in my life and yours.”

Ron brings his mission to every weekend, having staffed more than 90 NWTA’s – 45 of them as the Ritual Elder. He says he was not initially led to become an elder or ritual elder on his own initiative. Instead, he says, a current Ritual Elder at the time told him he was to become a Chicago Ritual Elder. Ron never looked back.

As one of two instructors in a 5 year, highly-diverse, electrical apprenticeship program, the largest in the state of Illinois, Ron has been mentoring leaders for his entire career. He uses both his 40+ years as a licensed electrician and his experience as an Elder in MKP in all of his teaching and leadership development.