Steve Spitzer


Steve has worked tirelessly in the Jericho Circle Project, an organization he was inspired to create after his NWTA Weekend, for almost two decades. Dealing with the Department of Corrections would be enough to frustrate most people to tears, but no matter what they throw at Steve, he is able to take it in stride and look for what can be done despite whatever setbacks occur.

He truly models elder centeredness, compassion, and contribution. Steve demonstrates humility, particularly inside prisons. While he is widely known as the founder and leader of JCP, he’s totally forthcoming about his personal struggles – he shares his vulnerable parts, his grief and fear.

When Steve speaks inside as well as outside I-Groups, men listen. He’s very thoughtful and men want to hear what he has to say. Steve has shown so much heart over the years and has been endlessly creative dealing with one roadblock after another in New England prison systems.

All that drive is an energetic form of love and compassion. Steve often is the first to raise his hand inside to “do work” and in doing his work he is remarkably authentic and vulnerable. Steve is a man, an elder who remains fully engaged in a life of service.