John Sterback

Four Owls

Metro NY celebrates the Eldership of John Sterback, aka Four Owls and Ritual Elder Emeritus.

John is a quiet, knowing Elder. He is a humble man who moves through the gifts and challenges of being an introvert to share his wisdom and blessings. We celebrate John’s resiliency and strength in facing life’s challenges and growing as a man of service as he continues on his Elder Path.

His humility, insights and open heartedness has provided a safe place for men to find comfort, to be seen and heard. Men know that John holds them in his heart, that he cares and listens deeply.

John is a man of compassion, vision, and dedication. For months after the pandemic started, he provided a daily Elder Porch, a safe space for men to visit with Elders, a space where they could breathe and share their lives. John also helped men in need by connecting them to others with resources to help them through these difficult times.