Jimmy Thiem

Buffalo Dancing Under the Stars

It is a great privilege and honor to introduce a true icon in our Greater Carolinas Area for over 20 years.  Jimmy Thiem  (Buffalo Dancing Under the Stars) is a leader of men. His passion for learning and teaching and commitment to being of service has significantly nourished and expanded our GCA community.

Jimmy was initiated in November of 2001 and became a declared elder at his very first NWTA staffing in Reidsville N.C. in 2002. He became LKS Leadman by 2005 then served for 4 years as Elder Chair for the GCA and helped lead and present at our elder gatherings for many years. Jimmy enthusiastically developed many ceremonies and processes related to elderhood including a “Declared Elder Ceremony” which he has facilitated at most GCA elder gatherings. His love and appreciation of rituals and ceremony motivated him to become Ritual Elder in 2014. His volunteer work is expansive in both the MKP community as well as his local Raleigh community where he has served on City boards and commissions.

To capture the essence of this man is to say:  Jimmy is a powerful force of nature. A leader who shows up, not afraid to be the contrarian and yet a team player with a big heart who is a great listener and seeks and models clarity in communications. He is respected, accountable and persistent and very skilled in resolving difficult issues. His elder spirit is of deep love and caring for others. He has always been one of those “usual suspects” if you want to get it done and done well just ask Jimmy.

We are blessed to have JIMMY THIEM in our community and we know he will continue to be a gift to us all, a man of wisdom, our teacher, our friend. Congratulations Jimmy!! You deserve this recognition for our first MKP Elder Celebration!