Francis “Chubbs” Thunderhawk

Tasunke Kinye

Deceased November 13, 2019

Men from my community went to Pine Ridge in 2010 and were blessed to meet this man “Chubbs” who showed us true eldership through another culture.

Always inquisitive – looking for good to share from his Lakota culture.

Always hopeful – taught Lakota ways in elementary school, ceremony, horseback memorial rides, and Boys to Men.
Straight forward – confronted leaders on cussing on NWTA.
Life of humility and patience – met with tribal elder and kept bringing elders to NWTA.

Supported a family way of life. Active into upper 70’s – always searching for ways to help his people.

Loved learning – helped initiate brothers with Indigenous NWTA, attended WEG in Hawaii, USAGE in Florida, and LT trainings.

Bridging Lakota and New Warrior ways – Tatanka alliance.
Formed brotherhood with elders – “Bull Riders” “Chubbs” way was to “be positive, stay away from negative, and forgive.”