Bert Welch

Proud Eagle

Deceased December 18, 2014

Bert was a wise, quiet, deep man. He was a man full of curiosity with lots of questions, and when men left his presence, they had more to think about. He and another man, Ed Mazeika, even tried to put a book together of men they had interviewed about the MAN’S SOUL.

As an elder, Bert was available to help others, especially men, with expertise of counsel. He was patient. He was accepting. He was a quadriplegic of 39 years confined to a wheelchair. He had a wonderful sense of humor and made people feel comfortable with his readily smiling face. He always had a joke or two to share. It is a wonder, how he found the countless hours of volunteering and serving on Committees and Boards for the handicapped, the elderly, addicts, the homeless, and the abused.

This quote speaks volumes of who Bert Welch was, “What an elder sees sitting, the young can’t see standing.”