Frederick Whitmeyer

Wise Wolk

Deceased November 27, 2018

Frederick made his presence known. If you made the mistake of calling him “Fred,” you received a quick retort: “It’s Frederick — not Fred” and that pretty much says it all.

Frederick staffed in many centers following his initiation. Within the Carolinas, he served as Center Director for a time, opened his home for several leadership trainings, and especially advocated for a strong elder presence. He demanded a no-nonsense accountability and guided many men through self-actualization with his keen insight into shadow.

He advocated for a strong elder presence on NWTAs and within the Greater Carolinas Elder community. For a time, he served on the national I Group Council. He was a friend to many across the Project, offering advice and counsel freely.
At his memorial service his I-Group offered up a stirring drum chorus, and many men and women testified to the impact he had on their lives.