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The World Elder Gathering 2019 will take place on November 6-10 at the Centro Vacacional Atlixco Metepec, in the State of Puebla, Mexico.


Minimize stress! Four options follow:

a) Arrive several days in advance and become acquainted with Mexico City architectural and cultural landmarks. Fly to Mexico City International Airport, IATA MEX. Locally abreviated as AICM.

MKP brothers who have stayed at Hotel Galería Plaza Reforma recommend it for its location at Zona Rosa. Otherwise, you can make a Google search of hotels and inexpensive hostels in Mexico City. Centro Historico or Zona Rosa are good locations. Be sure to read the reviews before making your reservation.

See this informative video 

  • Profit of the walking tour of Mexico City Historical Center led by an MKP brother. Sunday, November 3rd., 10 am. Meeting point to be designated. No cost other than lunch at some restaurant.

  • Visit renowned Teotihuacán Pyramids on Monday, November 4th, 9:00 AM, led by an MKP brother. Meeting point to be designated. Cost: transportation, entry to the Zona Arqueológica and meals.

Or google your own commercially available tour.

b) Stay overnight at MEX airport. You can choose from several hotels at T1: Hilton, Marriott, and Camino Real as well as izZzleep pods. At T2: NH Hotel.

c) Fly to Puebla International Airport IATA PBC. (1 hour from the site, some USD$20 on Uber). Stay at the site. In this case, visit Puebla City or Atlixco instead of Mexico City. Travelers from Southern California can take a flight to Puebla (or Mexico City) from Tijuana International Airport which you can access directly from the Otay Mesa area of San Diego through the binational terminal, Cross Border Express (CBX). 

You can fly to Puebla airport directly also from Dallas and Houston.

d) Stay at the site, Centro Vacacional Atlixco Metepec, before or after the WEG. All you have to do is notify us of the names of the guests and the day and approximate time of arrival/departure. No advance payment required; please pay on arrival at the reception desk with Mexican currency, the equivalent of around USD$40 per double room. Extra days do not include meals. Restaurants at the site remain open till 9 PM. Due to distance, this option is not compatible with same-day activities in Mexico City.

The site itself is quite interesting. It occupies the area and the buildings that used to be a big textile plant at the end of the XIX century. It is located in a small town, Metepec, Puebla, which is part of Atlixco, a designated Pueblo Mágico due to its historical landmarks and charm, You can ride a taxi to Atlixco. Services available at the site include several swimming pools, both outdoors and indoors, billiards, WiFi near the conference rooms and the reception, three restaurants.

Places to visit nearby include Metepec, the neighborhood where the site is located. Amatzcalli is a private park, 1 kilometer to the North of the site where, besides the silhouette Popocatepetl volcano reflected on the pond, you can fish trout. You pay for the entrance. In case you fish, you pay for the fishing rod and your catch.

You can visit also Atlixco.



To the site (Centro Vacacional Atlixco Metepec) 

Date, time


Tuesday, Nov. 5th, 2:30 PM
2:30-hour drive.

Hotel Galería Plaza Reforma

Wednesday, Nov. 6th, 2:30 PM
2:30-hour drive.

Mexico City International Airport  


To Mexico City Airport

Date, time


Sunday, Nov. 10th, 10:00 AM
2:30-hour drive.

Centro Vacacional Atlixco Metepec

The precise bus schedule could be adjusted to fit the flight times of participants and will be announced once we receive a substantial amount of this information from them.
Ritual Elder Workshop will start at 18:45 on Wednesday, November 6th.

Uber. Uber can pick you up at T1 or T2. It is less expensive than authorized taxis.

Buses to Puebla City and other cities. From both, T1  And T2. This could be a good alternative because there are buses almost every hour during the day.  Buses go to a new terminal in Puebla, Paseo Destino,  (some two hours drive, and then take an Uber or authorized taxi to the site, Centro Vacacional Atlixco Metepec, which is 30 minutes away).

Metrobus, Linea 4, North Branch, Go to and from Mexico City Airport and downtown with your luggage for the equivalent of ~USD$1.50 (Purchase a rechargeable card from a vending machine at the Metrobus terminal). The same card is valid for riding the subway.

Between airport terminals: The service is provided by public transportation with a cost of 16 pesos paid directly to the driver. (The Aerotren, a train connecting both terminals, is available only to travelers in transit).


You can live in CDMX without a car. Inexpensive public transportation allows you to go to practically any point in the city. It comprises the Metro (subway system, MX$5), Metrobus (MX$6), both accessible with the same rechargeable card. There are also regular buses charging 7 pesos (only coins, no change), taxis use taximeter to determine the price of the ride at the end of it, (only Spanish, only cash), and colectivos, small, uncomfortable buses (cash, preferably coins). 

I would recommend Uber as your first option for transportation inside the city.


Mexico. A different culture. I wonder who is more scared, a Mexican going to the USA for the first time or a person from the USA coming to Mexico. 

You could feel safer riding an Uber and it is not expensive in Mexico.

WATER. Don’t drink water from the tap, don’t use it for washing teeth. Restaurants, hotels and at home, we use purified water instead.

PICKPOCKETS. The same as you would in Rome or Madrid, protect your valuables. When I ride the Metro, I put my cellphone in a pouch that I can wear under my pants. Act self-assured and look at people in the eye occasionally, to let them know that you could recognize them.
Pickpockets work in choreographed troupes, organizing instantaneous melées and vanishing, together with your valuables, without you feeling a feather touched you.


  • Quite useful: a cell phone capable of working in Mexico. Please install WhatsApp, It will be used for communication with WEG staff.

  • Fill and print your tourist card up to two months before entering Mexico. Don’t  lose the stamped portion that an immigration official will give you back; you will have to return this portion when leaving the country.

  • You can expedite your immigration procedures at the airport in Mexico City by using the document verifying machines. 

  • Best place to exchange currency is at the airport.

  • Mexico is a Spanish-speaking country. Try to learn some basic phrases.

  • Cash, including coins are quite useful in Mexico for small purchases, public transportation except the Metro and Metrobus, for which a special rechargeable card has to be purchased with cash.

  • Tips: 10% is usual; you can increase it.

  • For Latin-Americans, America is the name of a continent, not a particular country.

  • Hotels in Mexico should not charge IVA (VAT) for lodging service to visitors from other countries. 

OTHER PURCHASES: IVA can be reimbursed on leaving the country if certain requirements are met. Visit www.moneyback.mx

Things to know before visiting Mexico City


Please answer us at your earliest convenience the poll that will be sent to you regarding:

  1. Your arrival and departure flight itineraries including flight number.

  2. Your mobile/WhatsApp number, working in Mexico.

  3. Your intention to participate in the visit to Mexico City Centro Historico on Sunday, November 3rd, 2019. No cost, except personal meals.

  4. Your intention to participate in the visit to Teotihuacan Pyramids on Monday, November 4th, 2019. Cost of transportation, entry to the archeological zone and lunch.

  5. Spectial food requirements.

If you have any additional questions please email me. The WEG Team and I are looking forward to the pleasure of sharing with you this space and time.

Virgilio Chávez
WEG Team
MKP Mexico

Ideas of things to do and places to visit: https://facebook.com/groups/WEG2019/