Elder Court Members


Ed Barton
Elder Chair: Ed Barton – “White Buffalo”

Ed Barton initiated in July 1992 in Milwaukee at Floyd Olsen’s farm on the 1st post Haiomwoods NWTA. He has staffed 54 weekends and in addition to his duties as the Chair of the Elder Court, he serves as the Lansing Community Coordinator.
Allan Swett
Scribe: Allan Swett – “Joyful Dolphin”.

Allan Swett completed the NWTA in October 1993 at Bedford, Indiana. He is active in the Tampa Bay Community and has staffed 13 weekends. Allan says, “I’m a father, husband, elder, mentor, beach bum, boater, warrior, retired professor… once way too much a head man, now I’ve found heart, body, spirit, connection, community, and love. I AM JOYFUL, and that joy is contagious.”
Andre Rigoli
Educational Coordinator: Andre Rigoli – “Wolf with Snake Dancing”

Andre initiated in June of 2000 in San Diego, California, and now lives in Tuscon, Arizona, where he serves the Southwest Area as the Finance Coordinator. Andre has staffed 28 NWTA’s and served as a Man of Service twice. Andre says, “I am a Lion in Winter. I am a nurturing, loving playful Grizzled Elder Warrior.”
Rod Clay
Ritual Elder Coordinator: Rod Clay – “Loving Horse”

Rod was initiated in 1996 in Sioux City, Ia (Central Plains), and has been Elder Chair Central Plains for many years, 30 Plus Staffings & MOS. Certified Ritual Elder 2002. Served as Center Directer and Leader Body Chair for Central Plains. Co-Chair –registrar for the first USAGE 2011 in Iowa. Attended all WEGS but first one. Born in 1942. Retired SC Police CSI. Board member for Jackson Recovery Center in Sioux City for several years. Twelve children and step children twenty four grandchildren.
Bill Ferrell
Elder Communications Coordinator
(webmaster): Bill Ferrell
– “ThunderWolf”.

Bill was initiated in April, 2009 in Bedford, Indiana, and has staffed 5 times. He served in the U.S. Navy and now works in Information Security. Bill is married and has six grown children and two grandsons.

Additional Elder resources in collaboration with the MKP-USA Elder Court:

Noel McNaughton
MKPI Elder Chair: Noel McNaughton – “Cosmic Otter”

Noel McNaughton initiated at Gull Lake, Alberta in October 1999. “I foster higher consciousness in the world by developing myself as a human being and inspiring growth in others.” Certified Ritual Elder in 2012. He is chair of the 2017 World Elder Gathering, and has organized and led seven annual Elder Gatherings in Alberta.  As the MKP International Elder Council Chair, Noel is an ex-officio member of the MKP USA Elder Court.
Scott Lederman
Young Warrior Co-Liaison: Scott Lederman – “Moon Wolf”

Initiated October 1995, Deer Park, New Hope, PA in the MKP-Philadelphia Center.Ritual Elder, USAGE 2014 Program Director, Elder Representative to MKP Structure Committee 2008, past MKP-Philadelphia Center Director, past MKP-Philadelphia Head Elder, PIT Facilitator.Staffed over 35 NWTA’s. I love and thrive on the magic and mystery of sacred initiatory space and the growth men, especially me, experience from their ongoing participation in this work.As an elder, I have a passion about supporting the Young Warriors in MKP. To me, they not only represent the future of MKP, they ARE the future of an empowered planet.
Robert Berger
Young Warrior Co-Liaison: Bob Berger
– “Peaceful Spotted Wolf with Soaring Eagle”

Initiated at Foss Center, Denver, CO June 1994. Active in Sioux City community, part of Central Plains. 44 staffings with many as Medic, and a few as RE. Certified Ritual Elder in 2012. Served as Weekend Coordinator, I Group Coordinator and Elder Co Chair in local community. Served as Ritual Coordinator for first USAGE. Recently retired Nurse Anesthetist. Works on TRUTH Project taking weekend into prison in WI. Active with Native American community in Pine Ridge.