USAGE 2013

Kirby Benson

Hello all MKP Elders,
In September we will be holding the 9th Elder gathering in the US. This year promises to be better and just as exciting as those that we have created in the past. The dates of this event are September 26th to September 29th at Deer Park Campground in New Hope, Pennsylvania.
The Program Committee this year has been working to find and invite Elders to participate and bring workshops and presentations to our USAGE.
The theme we’ve chosen for this year is:

As I become an Elder, my purpose shifts and deepens,
connecting me in new ways, and transforming my relationships.

It sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? I believe we are up to the task and in fact, need to consider these words in order to go forward in this rapidly changing world.
If you believe you have a workshop or teaching that embodies this theme and the words within it, we have a few times still available for you help us move the energy in new and transformative ways.
If you are interested email me at Kirby Benson
Kirby Benson
2013 USAGE Program Chairman